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Miami ribs, Honey Lemon and Ginger, Garlic marinated Chicken Breasts, Outback & Steamboat Steaks, Flattened Chicken

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The Pig & Olive is a locally owned meat shop with two locations serving Kingston, in the LaSalle Park Plaza and downtown.

At Pig & Olive, we handle everything from veal, lamb, ox tail and poultry,  grass fed beef, store made sausages , seasoned burgers, and marinated chicken stir fry all year round.  We are a unique kind of business providing a large selection of fresh meat conveniently portioned and packaged for singles, couples and large families. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist with cooking instructions and endless meal ideas. This fall try our store made apple and apricot stuffed pork roast. We also provide a variety of locally sourced naturally raised meat products and seasonal produce.

Also our Holiday favourites Turducken, Hickens and Hurkeys are available all year round!


It has been a true pleasure watching Pig and Olive grow over the years!!!! I love the fact that I am supporting a local Kingstonian and some of our local farmer and food producers.

I feel confident in the quality of food that I am consuming; not to mention the taste is superior! And you can always count on being greeted with big smiles and great service..

Thanks Alan and the Pig and Olive team. See you soon! D. Semlitsch

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